Of the many garden styles possible, each fall within two main categories Natural and Structural.
 Natural Gardens
Natural gardens are typified by a lack of structure. They aren’t delineated with clear boundaries. The planting compositions reflect the way plants grow naturally in the wild landscape. This type of design can be used to create meaningful vignettes in your landscape. A natural garden may suggest a tropical, arid, Mediterranean, woodland or grassland setting.
Structural Gardens
Structural gardens are typified by order. Structural gardens can be clean and simple, ordered and relaxed, classic or ancient.
Clean simple lines.
               Old World
Encapsulating the best that Rome had to offer and updated for today’s living.
Explores what happens after nature consumes man’s efforts of structure. Nature over order. In the end Nature does take over. Tropical and arid settings lend themselves to this style.
               Zen / Asian
Abstractions of natural groupings suggest landscape in miniature. Order over nature.

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