After the garden is installed, the work has just begun. Even a low maintenance garden requires maintenance. At Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services, we see ourselves as stewards of gardens as much as creators. Our gardens are designed with what a garden will become in mind. Realizing a garden’s initial intent can take care and once a garden has reached it’s intent, care is needed to keep it there. Gardens are dynamic. They change and evolve through time. We see ourselves as stewards who give the care that develops a garden through time.

Unlike other home investments, kitchens and baths particularly, gardens appreciate rather than depreciate with the passage of time. A well cared for garden isn’t just maintained, it improves as it matures. We help improve maturing gardens through fine pruning, plant care, maintaining irrigation and lighting systems, grooming, and building the fertility of the soil. As stewards, we make our gardens more beautiful and more valuable with every season.

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