Reynolds-Sebasitani loves all creatures but we are especially committed to the birds. We are trying to bring birds into people’s lives. We want birds in your garden or birds in your home. We offer custom outdoor aviaries, and indoor aviary cabinets. Birds make majestic and loving pets. Birds are therapeutic-particularly to children with autism, the elderly, or any stressed out adult.  There are many species that can live among us in our houses and apartments. In the Bay Area’s mild climate, many species will fare very well when kept out of doors too! Life with birds is particularly engaging when they are allowed out of their cages for free flight. Most people are inspired to learn that nearly all pet birds can be allowed free flight time with a little conditioning and a little precaution.

If pet birds are not for you, you can still help wild birds. Populations of native birds are threatened by human land development. We strive to make our gardens bird friendly places by offering shelter, food, nesting spots, or water. Many flowering plants, if left to go to seed, offer food for birds. Nest platforms or boxes are another way to encourage breeding. This is especially fun for families with children as it brings the life cycle into view of kids. Give to the birds and birds give back. They control populations of pests like insects and small rodents, pollinate food crops, and distribute wild seeds and fertilize soil with their droppings.

Please let us know if you are interested in pet birds; custom flights, aviaries, or lofts; or bringing wild birds into your outdoor space.

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