After a plan has been settled on, the building process begins with a bid. The bid is a contract that outlines a project’s scope of work and commits us, Reynolds-Sebastiani, to completing that scope for a single cost. It includes an installation schedule, committing us to install within a given timeline, and it includes a payment schedule, committing you, the client, to pay us according to a given timeline.

Once the contract is approved by both parties, installation will be scheduled. The cost of this work will not change unless the scope of work changes and approved by both parties in advance.  Though the timeline varies based on the scope of any project, a typical San Francisco project will usually run for two to six weeks.

Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services can manage all aspects of landscape construction. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination and budget.  We pride ourself on our fine natural stone masonry- patios, water features, fire features, retaining and seating walls. We also offer woodcraft. We will construct well build outdoor systems using quality fixtures- lighting and irrigation.

In the end, all of this work really just sets a stage for the real stars of any garden, the plants. We pride ourselves most of all on our careful plant selection. Though we are happy working within any aesthetic, we are mindful of the impact of plant selection. Our goal is to offer well designed gardens whose plants both reinforce a given aesthetic and offer unexpected twists while respecting California’s climate.