Every project begins with a plan. Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services offers scaled drawings and hand rendered planting plans.

The design process begins with a complimentary consultation. This first meeting is a ‘getting to know you’ meeting. Not only is this an opportunity for both parties to decide if working together is a good fit, but also for us, Reynolds-Sebastiani, to gather as much information as possible that will help us tailor the proposed design to meet your hopes, sensibilities, and budget.

If it seems like a fit and both parties want to move forward, will will put together a design proposal. The proposal will include scaled plans, a cost analysis, a planting list with images, samples of proposed materials, and may include perspective or detail drawings as needed.

After the proposal is given to you, the client, are given the opportunity to give us you feedback. The proposal serves as a point of reference to begin a discussion. This discussion will expand on the ever present tension between budget and scope, priorities, elements the design you love and would like to expand or conversely any elements you rather go without, plant palette, and/or materials selection.

We collectively continue this discussion until everything is hammered out. When both parties agree on the scope of work and associated cost, the project can move to bidding and contracting.