Tiny Garden Gets a Huge Makeover

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Turning a small catchall space in Bernal Heights into a usable garden.

Home owners near Precita Park brought us in to turn their small neglected garden into a beautiful usable space for entertaining and for their young son to play in.  The space had once been a source of pride for the father who enjoys tinkering in the garden, but the tolls of career and fatherhood had turned the space into a forgotten catchall.

San Francisco Garden Design. Bernal Heights Garden Design. Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services
This small space has a lot of potential.

We began by clearing the space and regrading the sloping open area to create a open, level space. The existing cracked and wonky retaining walls were patched and squared up. The low end of the space was retained with a raised veggie and spice bed.

Bernal Heights Garden Design. San Francisco Garden Design.
We begin by clearing out or fixing up the old.

After addressing structural and space planning concerns, we moved on to aesthetic matters. The walls were covered in stacked natural stone. The addition of the veggie bed serves a number of functions beyond a place to grow edibles. It covers the space under the deck.  Best of all, by reducing the drop off from the deck meant we could safely remove the deck rail and visually open the entire space from the french doors of the kitchen!

Bernal Heights Garden Design. San Francisco Garden Design. Stacked stone
We surface new and existing concrete in natural stacked stone.

The garden was completed, with a palette of exotic plants and succulents, an irrigation system, a patio of dwarf mondo grass and back basalt gravel, and grey stained redwood wall caps. The result is a usable beautiful space that the homeowners can be proud to entertain in!

The finished garden includes lots of usable space and features.

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