Owls: Back on Bernal!

Birds, check this out!


Tonight I saw an Owl on Bernal for the first time in 5 years!

I remember when the bonded pair of Great Horned Owls died on Bernal Hill in 2007.  The pair was captivating and always drew a crowd when spotted. I often marveled at them when jogging in the park. It was very sad when they were found dead of a bird illness.

I haven’t heard or seen any owls since. Tonight, I was running on Bernal Hill. I heard an awkward muffled call and them timid hoo h’HOO. It sounded to me, like a not-yet-sure-itsself juvenile practicing his call. Then I saw it fly! Now, I am certain that at least one owl has colonized the hill again!

I hope that (s)he establishes and finds a lover and gives the world more young owls!

owls on Bernal Hill. New Owls

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