License Number:  915148

Estimates used throughout the design phase are not Bids. Estimates are provided throughout the design process to facilitate defining a scope of work. Estimates are subject to change as the scope of work is defined, redefined, or altered. Estimates are not binding. Once a scope of work has been finalized then it is bid on. An accepted bid is contractually binding to both parties.

Bids are valid for 60 days following the date of this document, and may be withdrawn by RSDS after the time of expiration if not accepted by the owners.

Terms and Conditions vary and are specific to any give project. However the following are our basic terms which may be modified to appropriately reflect a given scope of work, site conditions, applications, or prior negotiations:

Projects are bid as a single entity; the provision of line item pricing in estimate documents is done for the convenience of the owner(s), and may not be a fully accurate representation of the proportioning of entire job costs. All itemized prices and subtotals are calculated under the assumption that all the described work will be done as a single unified project. ALTERATION TO SPECIFICATIONS OF THE SCOPE OF WORK, or the removal of any portions of work SHALL MAKE THE ENTIRE BID SUBJECT TO REVISION.

Unless otherwise noted under the Description of Work, prices include the furnishing of all necessary labor, materials, and expenses required for the completion of these projects.

Work is scheduled as it is awarded to RSDS and we cannot hold time available for completing this job until a contractual arrangement between Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services and the owner(s) is made.

Any deposits or payment-in-full required by vendors for special orders will be made by the clients to RSDS prior to orders being placed. No orders will be placed until RSDS receives the necessary funds, which will include cost of materials and any extra costs (tax, delivery, etc…) Once ordered, special orders cannot be refunded. ALTERATIONS TO SPECIFIACTIONS OF THE SCOPE OF WORK THAT RESULT IN RENDERING PREVIOUSELY ORDERED SPECIAL ORDER MATERIALS UNNECESSARY, WILL NOT RESULT IN CREDIT TO OWNER AND MAY RESULT IN ADDITIONAL COSTS TO ORDER OTHER MATERIALS.

The project as described includes all the necessary work we anticipate for the best recommended installation. It is possible that as the job progresses, portions of the described work will be deemed either not possible or not required; in that eventuality, appropriate credits will be made due to the owner(s).

The owner is responsible for providing electricity; water and toilet facilities necessary for the completion of the job; if these items are supplied by the contractor additional charges shall be incurred as compensation.

To the best of our ability, RSDS will interpret the pertaining building codes to determine if a job is subject to the procurement of a building permit. However, ultimately it is the determination of the local building department authorities as to the permit requirements of any given job. The costs of permits, our time spent on their procurement, or in the preparation of plans and specifications relating thereto, are not included in this contract.

Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services shall make every effort in minimizing the impact of their work on the existing environment of this property, limiting their activities as closely as possible to the area of work. We will tarp and otherwise protect the interior and exterior furnishings, walls, and floors of the house from damage by our activities.

No post installation maintenance is provided for  any project unless an additional contract is provided for such maintenance. Warranty is for 90 days on plants (unless they are damaged or die from causes beyond our control including dog damage or improper watering schedule) and one year on materials and workmanship. Plants can and do shock, particularly large plants. Plants exhibiting symptoms of shock will not be replaced unless they die completely and within the warranty period. Plant warranty extends only to plants provided by RSDS. Plants provided by homeowner or their agents are not covered. Warranty for plants is valid only in cases where plants are installed in conjunction with an irrigation system. PLANT’S WHO’S IRRIGATION NEEDS ARE INTENDED TO BE MET WITHOUT THE USE OF A REYNOLDS-SEBASTIANI INSTALLED IRRIGATION SYSTEM ARE NOT COVERED BY ANY WARRANTY. Hose-end timers and inexpensive lighting timers are notorious for failing because of batteries or poor craftsmanship. In some cases, these products are used as a cost saving measure. HOSE-END TIMERS AND INEXPENSIVE LIGHTING TRANSFORMERS (transformers other than FX Lumiar brand) come with this caveat and ARE NOT COVERED BY ANY WARRANTY.

Irrigation systems can be turned off and turned on. Once installed it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that the system is turned on. Plant warranty is not extended to plants that die to improper watering schedule. A TURNED OF IRRIGATION SYSTEM CONSISTUTES AN ‘IMPROPER WATERING SCHEDULE’. 

Feedback on maintenance and care may be given only as a courtesy. Feedback is given to the best of our ability but should not be construed as explicit instructions for care. The body of knowledge and opinions on how to maintain or care for any given plant is vast, subjective, and can conflict with the view of RSDS. The final call for how best to maintain all plants is reserved for the homeowner.

Final design and layout details will be conducted on site during the course of construction between contractor and the owner(s) (and/or architect or other authorized agent). This contractor shall make every reasonable effort to involve the owner in meaningful field design decisions as long as the orderly and timely progress of work is not impeded. However, should such consultations not be possible due to the immediate nature of certain decisions and the inability of the owners or their agents to be available in a timely fashion, the contractor is empowered to proceed with the installation of this work as long as design intent of plans and specifications are followed and no additional charges to the contract are incurred.

Work completed in accordance with plans and specifications shall be considered meeting the terms of the contract with appropriate compensation being due the contractor. The alteration, removal or replacement of completed work per contract will be considered extra work with additional charges being made against the contract price.

Unless noted otherwise, painting, staining, sealing or finishing of new wood or masonry work is excluded.

Unless specified otherwise in this document, prices for this project are based on typical installation techniques for generally available standard materials as called for by the plans and specifications at the time of bidding. Plants and other materials that require special sourcing, extended lead times for fabrication and supply, special or unique fabrication or construction, or need to be shipped from locations remote to the San Francisco Bay Area, may result in significant increases over bid prices. Examples include, but are not limited to, trees or plants from specialty or retail nurseries, construction materials requiring custom fabrication, separate or multiple deliveries for like items, and materials back orders and returns. Prices for these projects are based on typical installation techniques for commonly available standard materials as called for by the plans and specifications.

Concrete and stucco colors, concrete and masonry (stone, brick, and tile) finishes, and exterior wood stains are subject to existing and future environmental conditions over which we have no control, and cannot be guaranteed to hold true to color or finish. Minor non-offset cracking in concrete surfaces, whether located in control joints or not, can occur under normal circumstances and is not covered under warranty.

Owner acknowledges that stone, tile, brick, or wood are natural materials with variations in color and other characteristics and agrees to accept such natural variations and color ranges indicated by samples, mock-ups, and previously delivered product. All these materials are subject to variations inherent in that type of stone, tile, brick, or wood. It is not possible to guarantee that all of the color, markings, or any other natural variation or deposit, will, or will not be present as had been indicated by submitted samples. Samples serve to indicate in a general way color, marking, pattern and texture usually found in a particular variety of stone, tile, brick, or wood. The owner further understands that these types of materials are in great part hand worked and will have certain imperfections inherent to the particular material type selected. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, ONCE SPECIAL ORDERED MATERIALS ARE PURCHASED, DEPOSITS MADE, AND/OR DELIVERED, THESE MATERIALS BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE OWNER, AND ARE GENERALLY NOT RETURNABLE FOR MATERIAL OR CASH REFUND.

Due to the nature of these materials, decomposed granite or other gravel paving surfaces are not guaranteed against erosion or against movement of individual pebbles or particles from their intended location. Also, RSDS is not liable for any nuisance or damage from these materials being ‘tracked’ on to flooring, carpets, etc…

Allowance items are calculated without the necessary information being available to determine firm and accurate pricing, and are based on RSDSs estimation of a realistic budget for the pertaining work. All allowance prices are subject to change when the necessary scope of work and specifications are determined.

Unknown or hidden conditions, including those in areas of existing structures currently hidden from view; rock, concrete, hard-pan soils, ground water, adverse drainage conditions, large roots, or other unusual concealed site conditions during excavation, as well as damages to underground utilities during construction which were not located on prints or physically staked out by the owner may result in additional charges to the owner(s) if they are encountered during the course of construction and cause significant expense and delay.

A reasonable amount of time- up to approximately 30 minutes per day of work is allowed for in the contract for on site consultation, clarifications and discussions of design details, layout issues, pricing, site conditions and other pertaining aspects of work expressed in existing plans and specifications. Should the time spent substantially exceed these time allowances, or include job subjects and topics not directly related to those covered by existing contractual agreement (such as establishing plans, specifications and concepts for future proposed work or changes in the nature and scope of current work), additional charges may be incurred in accordance with our standard design and consultation rate. In general our design and consultation services are charged at a rate of $75.00 per hour plus added charges for any direct expenses and outside services; alternatively a fixed price contract covering these services may be negotiated at option of both.